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Monday, February 16, 2009

Are Raider fans really as dumb as their team?

By: J.D. Harrison
ChargerNation Staff Writer

The answer is YES!!

In 2006, running back LaDainian Tomlinson scored 186
points. He outscored the entire Oakland Raiders team,
which scored a total of 168 points.

Yet somehow the Raiders still seem to think that they can talk shit just because they had a couple winning seasons in the ancient past. Does a team's past really matter? When you watch the game on Sundays, are you really thinking about how your team did in the past?

Being proud of a team's past is fine, but Raider fans can't distinguish the difference between team and franchise. Ya your franchise has done mediocre, but your ACTUAL CURRENT TEAM is a disgrace to football!

The Oakland Raiders are a piss poor excuse for a team.

Everything about them is sad and shameful. From their prissy fans , to their disgusting city in the Gay Area, the Oakland Raiders still uphold the title of the worst, most laughable team in NFL.

I guess I would be pretty pissed too if my arch rival kicked my ass more times than any other football team in NFL history. Clearly the Raider fans have no room to talk!

So whenever you see a Jokeland failure fan trying to talk shit, just realize it for what its is.....just another Raider fairy who knows nothing about the actual game of football, just like their so-called "team"!

The best the Raiders can hope for this year, is to try and not shit themselves when the Chargers, well, as you can see below, do the same thing they always do.....beat their ass!

2003 - Week 17 Jokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 21 - 14
2004 - Week 8 Jokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 42 - 14
2004 - Week 11 Chargers @ Jokeland Chargers WON 23 - 17
2005 - Week 6 Chargers @ Jokeland Chargers WON 27 - 14
2005 - Week 13 Jokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 34 - 10
2006 - Week 1 Chargers @ Chokeland Chargers WON 27 - 0
2006 - Week 12 Chokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 21-14
2007 - Week 6 Chokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 28-14
2007 - Week 17 Chargers @ Chokeland Chargers WON 30-17
2008 - Week 4 Chargers @ Chokeland Chargers WON 28-19
2008 - Week 13 Chokeland @ Chargers Chargers WON 34-7

Read it and weep raider bitches! CHARGER NATION!!!