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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jon Gruden: Please Come To San Diego

By: J.D. Harrison

I was willing to give Norv Turner a chance, and I did.

He failed.

Going for it on fourth and forever with six minutes to play? Really Norv?

Before Norv we were 14-2! Hellloo???

We have the talent. That talent needs direction. Norv Turner can't and isn't providing that. Period!

Now I turn my attention to Jon Gruden. The perfect fit for the Chargers.

Gruden would be crazy not pursue the Chargers and the Chargers would be even crazier not you pursue Gruden.

He has proven himself as a head coach and has the ring to prove it. Look what happend to both Oakland and Tampa after he left. He left Oakland, went to Tampa and spanked his former team in the Super Bowl. Then he leaves Tampa and now they have yet to win a game.

We need a fresh face for our franchise. Much like when Coryell took over in the late 70's. We are now again in that situation.

Imagine Gruden with a young QB like Rivers and great players like Gates, Jackson and LT. Rivers has a long great career ahead of him and we need a coach that's gonna be there for the long haul.

If all goes well, Gruden is young and has the potential to stay with the franchise for a long time. He would have the opportunity to take over the NFL's most talented team in gorgeous San Diego and get the chance to whoop his old team's ass twice a year!

It's all up to A.J. He needs to realize real quickly that the golden opportunity is here and now is the time to take action. As Gruden confessed his love for the Chargers last night, Norv was producing mediocre results with a great talented football team. Put two and two together A.J. please!!

We need some one to get mad, get angry and coach these players into a disciplined championship team. Norv isn't that guy. So I say..

Jon Gruden, PLEASE come to San Diego!


Anonymous said...

I and most of the Chargers fans in my office can see that this is a GM and Coaching problem with the Chargers-Gruden is the PERFECT fit!
For 2 1/2 seasons Smith has the team and coaching staff he wanted, and they have severely under achieved based on strength of schedule. Time for a change to a proven winner!