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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Norv: This team can win a Super Bowl

Source: SD Tribune

So the Chargers have been eliminated from the playoffs again. Their fourth straight trip to the NFL's final eight was as futile as the first three.

So close. So far.

"When you get to that point where you're one of eight, you know youre two games away," Norv Turner said at a noon press conference. "That's the disappointing thing for me."

We're all wondering -- aren't we? -- about the future of this team after Sunday's 17-14 loss. Stephen Cooper told me last night it is a valid question to wonder whether this team can get it done in the playoffs. He believes they can, but it's valid to question.

Norv Turner went on the offensive this morning in answer.

"We have an outstanding football team," Turner said. "We have good players and great character players and people you want to be around on a daily basis and guys that will get this thing done. They will get this thing done. There is no question in my mind."

Turner recalled how the Chargers stopped hot Indianapolis teams the previous two postseasons. As many in the organization have over the years, Turner refered to the process Indianapolis has gone through. The Colts are in the playoffs for the eighth straight season. Their one Super Bowl berth (and victory) came on their fifth trip to the postseason.

"Theyre getting ready to play in the championship game," Turner said of the Colts, who will host the New York Jets on Sunday. "There are things you have to covercome in this league. We have the type of guys that will do that. The future for this football team is outstanding."