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Friday, February 5, 2010

Johnson living nightmare


The last two weeks have been a nightmare for Travis Johnson after his four-year old daughter Zoe suffered a stroke in mid-January. She remains hospitalized.

Since the Chargers’ season came to an end, defensive end Travis Johnson has spent has spent his days pacing in a hospital room, praying constantly and shedding plenty of tears.

“The last two weeks have been the worst 14 days of my life,” Johnson said. “Nothing else even comes close to this.”

Two weeks ago, Johnson’s four-year old daughter Zoe was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. A day after she was hospitalized, Zoe suffered a seizure and then a stroke. The stroke caused paralysis in the left side of her body.

She underwent a procedure to drain fluid from her right lung and another to scrape the infection from her lung walls. The nightmare got worse as Zoe’s lung collapsed following the surgery and she suffered a second stroke. Doctors are struggling to find answers, and Johnson left to pray and wait.

“It’s really a helpless feeling,” Johnson said. “Our job as parents is to protect our kids. Watching her go through this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Johnson hasn’t slept in his own bed since Zoe was hospitalized. He’s spent his nights trying to get comfortable in a hotel room chair by his daughter’s side.

“She’s just so special to me,” Johnson said. “I wish I could trade places with her.”

Johnson and has experienced overwhelming support from Chargers fans that have sent him well wishes and prayers. He asks that people keep the prayers coming.

“I’m still so new to this Charger family but the love that has come out of the Charger family for this child, for me and for my family has been wonderful,” Johnson said. “I’m so grateful for everybody’s prayers and all the nice things people have said.”

Johnson has relied heavily on his faith to help him through this tough time. Deep down he believes everything is going to work out, but he’s emotionally drained.

“I just want her to wake up and talk to me,” Johnson said. “I know rehab is going to be a long road, but she’s going to be ready for it because she’s so tough. The Lord is going to heal her and bring her out of this, but it’s just so tough right now.”